The European Ploughing Federation (EPF), organizer from the European ploughing Championships, organizes ploughing championships every year in another country. Ploughmen from the affiliated countries comes over to show there skills. The hosting country organizing the fields and accommodation. EPF takes care about judging drawing etc. European ploughing federation is organizing Reversible Ploughing championships, but its free for the hosting country to invite conventional ploughmen.

Countdown to the 39th European Ploughing Championship 2024

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Previsit Switzerland 2017

A delegation of Swiss ploughingteam and Secretary Mart Bakker from ... More

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Welcome to the EPF: Promoting Excellence in Agricultural Heritage and Techniques! At the EPF, we are passionate about preserving and promoting the rich heritage of ploughing techniques across Europe. As the premier organization dedicated to advancing the art of ploughing, we bring together enthusiasts, experts, and practitioners from all corners of the continent. Our mission is to foster a sense of community, knowledge-sharing, and innovation among enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned professional, an aspiring farmer, or simply interested in the agricultural traditions that have shaped Europe, the EPF is your go-to resource.

Visit our EPF website to learn more about upcoming events, and how to get involved. Together, let's celebrate the timeless art of ploughing and ensure its legacy for generations to come. European Ploughing Federation: Nurturing Tradition, Inspiring Innovation!

Our mission is to cultivate a thriving community by providing valuable resources and networking opportunities. We aim to preserve traditional  techniques while embracing modern advancements in technology and equipment. By uniting farmers and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, we seek to enhance agricultural practices and contribute to the overall growth and development of the farming industry.

Whether you're a farmer looking to refine your ploughing techniques, an industry professional seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, or a researcher interested in the latest advancements, the EPF is the ideal platform for you. Become part of a vibrant community dedicated to cultivating agricultural excellence across Europe.