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Results European contest 2014 Geel Belgium

Results of the Europeanploughing contest 2014 in Geel Belgium with a picture of the winners. More

Pictures Geel Belgium 2014 practice marshallingyard and draw

Pictures practice, marshallingyard and drawplots   More

Stubble 2014 Geel Belgium

Pictures from Stubble ploughing EPF Geel Belgium More

Grass Ploughing EPF 2014 Geel Belgium

Pictures Grass ploughing EPF 2014 Geel Belgium More

Visitortours during the 2014 Belgium Ploughing Contest

Tours: Family Marien - Dairyfarm with 250 dairycows and cattle Family Franken - Potato and grasssods farm Family Vanhellenmond - Fruitcompany And Japanese Garden Abbey Herkenrode   More