Affiliated Countries


Belgisch Ploegcomite

Anne Marie Stockman Claeys


website :

Czech Republic

Spolecnost pro Orbu ceske Republiky

Petr Novak


website :



Secr. Lene Mouritsen


Website :


Society of Ploughmen LTD

Secr. Sue Frith


Website :


Estonian Ploughing Association

Margus Ameerikas



JA France Labour

Paul Guyonneau



Deutscher Pflügerrat E.V.

Bernhard Rodenkirch


The Netherlands

Ploeg vereniging Nederland

Secr. Jan de Pinth

Nieuwkuijksestraat 41
5253 AD   Nieuwkuijk   Netherlands

Website :

 Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Ploughing Association


Secr: Alison Armstrong

Website :

 Republic of Ireland

National Ploughing Association of Ireland LTD


Secr: Anna Marie Mc Hugh

Website :


Ploughing Championships Scotland Ltd.

Secr: Jane Mc Dowall

Website :


Schweizerische Pfluger-Vereinigung

Michael Stamm

Website :

Welcome to the Affiliated Countries page of the European Ploughing Federation. As the premier organization promoting the sport of ploughing across Europe, we are proud to have a diverse and growing network of affiliated countries. Our affiliation program strengthens the bonds between ploughing enthusiasts and organizations, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a shared passion for the art of ploughing.

Through our affiliation program, we aim to unite countries in their dedication to preserving and advancing the traditions of ploughing. By joining forces with the European Ploughing Federation, affiliated countries gain access to a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities for collaboration. We provide a platform for countries to showcase their ploughing talent, participate in international competitions, and contribute to the overall growth and development of ploughing as a sport.

Our affiliated countries benefit from the expertise and guidance of the European Ploughing Federation in organizing and hosting world-class ploughing events. We offer assistance in the establishment of national ploughing associations, training programs for ploughmen and women, and access to educational resources on ploughing techniques and regulations.

As an affiliated country, you will have the opportunity to participate in our prestigious European Ploughing Championships, where ploughmen and women from across the continent compete for top honors. These competitions provide a platform to showcase your country’s ploughing talent on an international stage and build connections with ploughing enthusiasts from around the world.

The European Ploughing Federation is committed to promoting a sense of community and camaraderie among our affiliated countries. We encourage knowledge sharing, cultural exchange, and the celebration of diverse ploughing traditions. By working together, we can preserve the legacy of ploughing and inspire future generations to appreciate and engage in this time-honored practice.

If you represent a country passionate about ploughing and wish to become an affiliated country with the European Ploughing Federation, we invite you to contact us for more information. Together, let’s cultivate a strong and vibrant ploughing community across Europe.