Registration Contest 2014 Geel Belgium is open

With great pleasure the Belgian Ploughing Committee invites you to the European Championships Reversible Ploughing from 20 to 25 August 2014.

Last week each European country received the registration forms. Please inform us in case they haven’t been send to the correct address as we are actualizing our database.

Visitors can download the registration forms from this message and send them to the Belgian Ploughing Committee Oosthoek 127- 9960 Assenede – Belgium.

On the picture the Belgian organization team 2014:

Hugo Verhoeven; Anne- Marie Stockman – Claeys; Karel van Dijck;

Sus Echelpoels; Johan Merckx; Luc Dewaele

Daniel Hertleer; Geert Vandevelde; Roel Cuyvers;

Wouter Spoelders; Jacky Theuwissen and Jos Creve.

Result European contest 2014 Geel Belgium PDF

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