Rules EPF

The rules about contest ploughing and the judging is very important. In the link below you can find the latest version of them

The European Ploughing Federation follows the worldploughing rules

Addition to de WPO rules:

First furrow of the crown must be untouched, no wheeltrack on it. Three body ploughs are able to end with two bodies.

Ploughing Rules

Welcome to the Ploughing Rules page of the European Ploughing Federation! As an affiliate of the World Ploughing Organization, we strictly adhere to the internationally recognized World Ploughing Rules in all our competitions and events. This page provides you with comprehensive information that govern our competitions, ensuring fair play and standardized practices.

By adhering to the worldploughing rules, we ensure that our competitions are held to the highest standards of fairness, consistency, and safety. Whether you are a seasoned ploughing enthusiast or a novice competitor, these provide a solid foundation for an engaging and rewarding ploughing experience.

As the premier organization for ploughing competitions in Europe, we are committed to providing a platform where ploughing enthusiasts can showcase their talents and engage in friendly competition. Our ploughing regulations have been meticulously designed to ensure fair play, maintain consistency, and promote the highest standards of sportsmanship. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the world of ploughing, our comprehensive regulations will guide you through the regulations and requirements of our events. Join us as we celebrate the time-honored tradition of ploughing and experience the thrill of participating in our prestigious competitions. Discover the rules that govern our events and prepare to embrace the challenge of ploughing excellence with the European Ploughing Federation.